Thursday, December 6, 2007

Power Wheelchairs

Power Wheelchairs

Power wheelchairs require far less physical exertion to operate than manual wheelchairs. Since power wheelchairs have far more machinery than manual wheelchairs, they tend to be much heavier and therefore you may need an adapted van or accessible public transportation for your powered wheelchair. That should be taken into consideration ahead of time.

Still, power wheelchairs have enormous advantages, not the least of which is the ability of the user to conserve energy that would otherwise be exerted for propulsion. Power wheelchairs can handle practically any terrain, and they can easily travel uphill--unlike their manual counterparts. For those with limited physical strength, partial paralysis, joint pain or those who tire easily, a power wheelchair can make the difference between a life of total dependence and personal freedom.

Choosing a Power Wheelchair

When choosing which type of power wheelchair is right for you or your family member, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Check out the width for clearance in your home, whether it is designed for indoor use, outdoor use or both, and how much weight the chair will hold. It's important to find a power wheelchair to fit the user and the user's needs.

At All Time Medical, we have several different power wheelchairs available. All of our brands are well known and reputable. Whether you want a traditional-style power wheelchair or one with a power base and mounted seat, we can accommodate your needs.

Visit us at, and take a look at some power wheelchairs.

Knee Walkers

Knee Walkers

Knee walkers are alternatives to crutches and wheelchairs. They allow patients to keep weight off their feet and lower legs but still remain active and independent. Knee walkers work by allowing the patient to kneel on a unit with four caster wheels and push around using the free leg.

Knee walkers are great for people who need to stay off their feet, but don't have the upper body strength to use crutches. People who only have trouble with one foot can use knee walkers instead of wheelchairs. Knee walkers are much easier to operate than wheelchairs, fit in more areas than wheelchairs, are easier to transport than wheelchairs and keep you in a standing position so you can accomplish everyday activities without much adjustment.

Getting the Right Knee Walker for You

To use a knee walker properly, you have to first buy the right size and adjust it to fit. Some knee walkers come in different heights or have adjustable parts that can be lengthened or shortened to fit appropriately. You also have to make sure you get a knee walker that can accommodate your weight because much of your body weight is rested on the knee walker when idle and in motion.

At All Time Medical, we have knee walkers available at great prices. Knee walkers are appropriate for most people who have injuries below the knee, but you should consult a doctor or therapist to make sure they are right for you. Knee walkers are not usually recommended for people with knee injuries or arthritis in the knee.

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Lightweight Wheelchairs

Lightweight Wheelchairs

Lightweight wheelchairs offer all of the same benefits of standard wheelchairs and then some. Lightweight wheelchairs are easier to self-propel, easier to push and can usually be transported more easily as well. For all of these reasons, lightweight wheelchairs are the most common types of wheelchairs used today.

There are two different types of lightweight wheelchairs: transport wheelchairs and self-propelled wheelchairs. The lightweight types of transport wheelchairs are more portable and easier to push, making them perfect for occasional use to transport a family member with mobility impairment. The lightweight self-propelled wheelchairs are more maneuverable than standard wheelchairs and can often be folded or collapsed by the user for transportation purposes.

Who Should Use Lightweight Self-Propelled Wheelchairs

Just because you require the assistance of a wheelchair to get around, doesn't mean you have to be restricted in your mobility. If you have good upper body strength and stamina, lightweight self-propelled wheelchairs can make it easier for you to get around. To choose the right wheelchair for you, make sure the overall weight of the wheelchair is light enough for you to lift into a car after yourself.

At All Time Medical, we offer numerous different brands of lightweight wheelchairs at a wide range of prices. Many of our wheelchairs include a variety of options, including removable armrests, adjustable leg rests, flip back arms, adjustable seat back height, dual axles, high-performance wheels and a number of additional features. Most of our wheelchairs can be customized to suit your needs and fit your required seat width as well.

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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Shower Seats

Shower Seats

A good shower seat can be a much-needed bulwark against catastrophe. It is a well-known fact that showers tend to be repositories for injury and accident, and the prime culprit is most often the shower itself. Getting your hands on a good shower seat is quite simply required if you wish to avoid a similar fate.

The best shower seats tend to be those that can withstand this environment and all its hazards without difficulty. That means you need a mildew-resistant, padded seat, a sturdy base that will not rust and the kind of rubber leg caps that keep the entire shower seat from sliding in slippery circumstances. For quality shower seats such as these and corner shower seats, folding shower seats and other kinds, you will not find a more comprehensive online resource than All Time Medical.

Our approach is simple. We have worked with the manufacturers to get the very best prices for you. When you order your products, you are taking advantage of the best negotiated price possible. Many of these come at or near wholesale rates, meaning you can save a considerable percentage by ordering direct through our website. Best of all, we take care of every detail to ensure the shipping and invoicing of each product is as simple as possible to comprehend.

Few areas of the home contain greater risk than the bathroom, and shower seats such as these simply make sense if safety is a concern. If you want to see more bathroom disability products from our extensive catalog, do not hesitate to visit us at If you still have questions, we are available at

Friday, October 26, 2007

Shower Chair

Shower Chair

If you are on the Web looking for disability products such as shower chairs, bath chairs, bath stools and more, you have come to the right place. All Time Medical takes pride in an approach that is as comprehensive as it is convenient, offering the very best names in the business for less. It is all part of our commitment to creating an easy place to get your hands on medical products that improve everyday life.

What is a shower chair? These are sophisticated devices that offer you full mobility under running water from a seated position. The best of them look and feel like high-end wheelchairs, complete with footrests, arm rests, coated surfaces and all the padding you could ever desire. They represent something like a complete solution for bathing without any chance of injury.

Products like these and other bathroom safety products need not cost such exorbitant prices anymore. The manufacturers offer them for far less to wholesalers, and today you can benefit from much of the same stripped-down efficiency simply by ordering direct over the Web. At All Time Medical we offer a simple way to do just that without any fear that the quality of the products will be compromised.

Whether you are looking for a basic shower chair or something a little more advanced, you should be able to find some exceptional shower chair examples within these pages. Visit us at and feel free to look around the site if you want to find the Web's finest list of mobility aids across the board. And feel free to drop us a line anytime at if you want your shower chair or mobility aid questions answered quickly.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Rolling Walkers

Rolling Walkers

Walkers have evolved considerably since the days of the heavy, unwieldy devices. Vastly improved materials technology has made them lighter, stronger and far more portable than before. And the addition of wheels--brakes included--has made these clever mobility aids, the rolling walker, a sensation in the world of reclaimed medical independence.

At All Time Medical we believe you should have access to such essential items without overpaying for the privilege. We negotiate with medical equipment manufacturers and pass these substantial savings onto you. We only deal with brands that have a reputation for producing quality mobility aids.

Whether you are in the market for medical rolling walkers, wheelchairs, mobility scooters, lift chairs, bathroom assists or practically anything else, we take pride in an approach to pricing that ensures everyone can get around without mortgaging their financial future. We even offer simple accessories such as bath mats and more to make your home a safe haven once again. was built on the foundations of integrity and convenience, and we always take care to exceed your expectations. Please write us anytime at if you want to learn more about rolling walkers or any of our top notch equipment.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Rollator Walker

Rollator Walker

There is nothing quite like a Rollator Walker. Widely considered the gold standard in a crowded field of candidates, this clever device offers a dazzling array of features to help you maintain an active lifestyle. If you are looking for the kind of medical mobility device that should stay with you for life, this may be the last resource you will ever need to consider.

What makes a Rollator Walker so special? The short answer is that these walkers are designed for far more than simple ambulation. If you have ever seen one, you know that they come with features such as non-stick trays, ergonomic hand brakes, compact collapsible frames and more. Many come in a variety of colors and materials, including leather that stretches over generous back rests and much, much more.

It has become conventional wisdom by now that a good walker may be the one place where you want to spend well. Poorly designed devices in this market can be at best irritating and at worst dangerous, and the last thing you want is to skimp on something that may accompany you on all your travels from this day on. The Rollator line of walkers represents a true bargain in a market filled with poor imitations.

At All Time Medical, we offer the very lowest prices on these and related medical devices. Whether you are looking for wheelchair walkers, forearm crutches or just about anything else, we negotiate with the manufacturers to get truly affordable rates on these coveted items. Feel free to browse at, and contact us at any time with questions via email at We can help you select the Rollator Walker that best suits your mobility needs or discuss your shopping concerns.

Raised Toilet Seats

Raised Toilet Seats

It wasn't long ago that using the toilet represented a major threat to the elderly. Most wheelchairs were designed at one height, while many bathroom toilet seats were far lower. This lateral transition could be a shaky affair, and accidents with terrible consequences were unfortunately more common than many people realized.

Today, a higher standard of bathroom safety has prevailed and the result is a new spate of high-end medical mobility products. Quite popular nowadays are raised toilet seats, so named because they offer an easy way to sit and stand without having to rock forward on your heels and undertake a real balance shift. The best of these raised toilet seats can make your life far easier simply by reducing the stress associated with the move.

Products such as these run the gamut from the most basic vinyl covering to elaborate devices that roll with you and can fit over any toilet. You can get versions with attachments for relieving oneself away from the commode as well as raised toilet seats that come complete with armrests and more. Whatever your choice, you have come to the right place for some of the finest examples of the breed.

Feel free to look around the catalog at All Time Medical if you want to browse through all those choices at once. We take pride in an approach to customer service that answers all your questions in a timely manner, so you can always feel free to contact us if you need assistance shopping for raised toilet seats. The email address is, and we look forward to serving you.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Quad Canes

Quad Canes

There was a time when all canes were designed the same way. Each had a handle to hold, a long shaft that generally came in a few fixed heights, and a base that was rubberized to prevent slippage. Unfortunately, the problem with this design could be traced to simple physics: with a single node carrying all that weight, a slight shift in balance was all it took to send the user sprawling.

Needless to say, today's canes tend to be far superior. Most offer an angled upper section of the shaft to aid in a more intuitive center of gravity, and the best examples come with four feet, called a walking quad cane, rather than the traditional one. This wider balance base offers far greater stability, making it the form of choice for medical professionals and the patients they serve. Because some people prefer small base quad canes, we carry them too, as well as pediatric quad canes.

Here at All Time Medical, you can find all manner of walking quad canes quickly and easily. We believe superior medical mobility aids such as these should be affordable and simple to use, and we endeavor daily to bring the lowest possible prices to our valued customers. If you are looking for a higher breed of walking quad canes, you will not find a more affordable solution anywhere on the Web.

Visit us at Take a moment to look around the site if you want to learn more about the complete line of mobility aids we carry here. From wheelchairs and walkers to forearm crutches and walking quad canes, we aim to be your one stop shop for all medical equipment. You may contact us anytime at if you have a question about our walking quad canes or other mobility aids.

Mobility Equipment

Mobility Equipment

Good mobility equipment must serve many masters at once. It must be lightweight first and foremost, as the last thing you need is to lug around hefty mobility equipment 24 hours a day. It must be strong enough to withstand the abuses of repeated use. And it must be effective enough to significantly reduce the burden on your body as you get around.

Believe it or not, this particular admixture of features can be hard to find. That's why at All Time Medical, we offer nothing but the top manufacturers' items across the board. These include the few that have passed rigorous safety standards and earned the trust of millions. No wonder these mobility equipment brands continue to command such high fees here in the U.S.

The good news is that at All Time Medical, most mobility equipment devices can be found for far less than the prices you are accustomed to seeing. Here at All Time Medical, we offer a truly streamlined approach that gets the very same mobility equipment products into your hands directly from the professionals who make them.

Wheelchairs, walkers, mobility scooters and more are available through this site for less. If you want to get a good overview of our mobility equipment products, simply visit us at, click through the catalog and check out how easy it can be to get your hands on superior items. We look forward to answering your questions at, so please feel free to contact us.

Mobility Aids

Mobility Aids

There is simply no reason to accept limited mobility due to injury or advancing age. These days, medical professionals have designed a staggering number of clever devices--also known as mobility aids--that can get you up and on your feet again immediately with minimal assistance from the outside world. Lifestyle mobility aids such as these represent the heart and soul of what we do here at All Time Medical.

We have all the major products and devices that have helped millions resume an active lifestyle, from wheelchairs and scooters to bathroom safety devices such as raised toilet seats and grab bars. Whatever the nature of your mobility aid needs, we offer nothing less than the most reputable brands across each of these categories, and all are shipped directly from the manufacturer to your door. There is no more affordable or convenient solution anywhere on the Web.

Why invest in top brand mobility aids such as these? The last thing you want is to mortgage the safety of yourself or a loved one simply to save a few dollars on an "off-brand" name. Lifestyle mobility aids and mobility aids for the elderly--whether they be simple like canes or complex like lift chairs--must be relied upon for safety at all times, and that means sticking with the professionals who know these products best.

All Time Medical takes pride in an approach that is as comprehensive as it is simple, offering fast shipping, outstanding prices and some of the finest customer service in the business. If you want to learn more about lifestyle mobility aids, mobility aids for the elderly, or our services, please don't hesitate to contact us anytime at, or visit us at We look forward to assisting you with your purchase or answering any questions you might have.

Folding Canes

Folding Canes

Good folding canes must be lightweight, powerful, easily stored and handsome to behold. It may not surprise you to learn that most canes marketed to customers hardly fit that bill, which is one of the reasons so many people go on the Web looking for better alternatives. Often as not their search ends here at All Time Medical.

We believe that purchasing folding canes, traditional canes, four-legged canes (quad canes) or any other mobility product should be easy, fast and convenient. That's why we have designed this site to offer something like a total shopping experience on the Web. Whatever you desire, you should be able to zero in by category and manufacturer until you find exactly what you're looking for.

Folding walking canes such as these and folding chair canes are a tremendous convenience for the people who use them. Too often, traditional canes can become a hazard when they are set loose in a vehicle or under someone's chair. When your cane folds away for easy storage, you need not endanger yourself or those around you with this unsecured liability. Perhaps the best part is that you can easily spring the cane back into its useful configuration--essential if you have any hope of leading a truly active lifestyle.

The folding walking canes and folding chair canes we sell here come in a variety of materials and designs, each built to withstand tremendous force without causing injury. If you are looking for the safest products at the Web's best prices, visit us at and browse through the full catalog today. We are standing by at to answer your questions and assist you with your search for top quality folding canes.

Elderly Safety Products

Elderly Safety Products

The best elderly safety products keep to a higher standard than the items you find in department stores and medical supply depots. Consumer-use elderly safety products run the gamut from very basic to truly luxurious, and knowing what you really require is one of the surest ways to prevent yourself from overspending. If you are looking for alternative to traditional elderly safety product resources, you have come to the right place.

All Time Medical offers some of the lowest prices on the Web, including steep discounts for wheelchairs, commode chairs, safety benches and other mobility and safety products. We offer mobility aids such as canes and walkers for less, and you can always get the brand you are looking for here. It is a direct approach to inventory and shipping--one which shaves costs so that you need not mortgage your existence simply for a little comfort and safety.

All Time Medical takes pride in an approach that is as fair-minded as it is efficient, streamlining the distribution channels while protecting you against all manner of substandard products. Here you will find only ranking brand name elderly safety products, like those that come in powder-coated steel with generous upholstery and countless safety features to protect every part of your body from accident. Customers often tell us they had no idea such high quality even existed.

If you are looking for vetted, experienced manufacturers, visit us at, and browse our full catalog for a taste of what's available. We make every effort to get each aid to your doorstep quickly and safely, and we are always available to help you in the event of any problems. Contact us today at or click our contact button if you want to speak with a courteous professional about our many elderly safety products, and thanks for looking.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Durable Medical Equipment

Durable Medical Equipment

If you are looking for durable medical equipment from an online distributor you can truly trust, you have come to the right place. Here at All Time Medical, we take pride in an approach that is as detailed as it is intuitive, offering extraordinary prices on some of the top-selling, durable medical equipment around. We offer lifestyle mobility aids for the discriminating customer--you can count on us for guaranteed, brand name quality.

Today you can conduct your research for durable medical equipment here and order the product from us. We have negotiated on your behalf so that we can give you the very best price on your durable medical equipment. It is an approach that cuts out countless middlemen and makes this nation's health care system look almost efficient.

As a durable medical equipment provider, we know that products such as wheelchairs, bars, scooters and other durable medical equipment must be made properly if it is to earn your trust. You want to look for the finest materials technology and years of experience in the sector. Needless to say, this is hardly an area where bargain hunting for its own sake may rightly be considered a worthwhile or advisable goal.

If you employ our services, the good news is that you never have to compromise. All Time Medical believes that good prices and truly durable medical equipment need not be mutually exclusive, and we do our best every day to exceed your expectations. If you have any questions or simply want to confer with an expert, do not hesitate to contact us at Or visit us at We are more than happy to assist you in your search for durable medical equipment.

Products for the Disabled

Products for the Disabled

Disabled persons are leading lives of recreation and travel far more than they used to. One of the chief reasons is surely the advance of medical science, which has provided unprecedented advantages to those of us living with disability. Another is the design community that supports these sciences--devoted to producing some of the highest-end disabled products anywhere in the world.

There was a time when such products were limited in their scope. If you had a wheel chair, a safety bar and a walker, you might have rightly considered yourself "maxed out" for this kind of medical assistance. Today, the sector has exploded with extraordinary offerings in several categories, from the most basic elevated commodes to wheelchair walkers, lift chairs and more.

We have it all here at All Time Medical. This is a business that prides itself on a deep and abiding commitment to customer satisfaction, and that means we go out of our way to ensure you have everything you need. Wading through countless offerings in the disabled products market can be a confusing experience, which is why our site is laid out to provide you the best possible overview of your options. Thankfully you can't go wrong when you choose from among these quality disabled products.

Visit us at Feel free to look around the site if you want to learn more about the many lifestyle mobility aids, lifts, safety grips and other products for the disabled that make us a comprehensive resource. If you want to learn more about products for the disabled, just ask. We are available via email at all times by simply writing to

Mobility for the Disabled

Mobility for the Disabled

Disabled mobility can be a sensitive issue for many, and with good reason. Getting around freely is the essence of independence, and when the exigencies of age, injury and disease steal that right, we are justifiably angry at the results. Thankfully, today there are a number of good ways to fight back.

Here at All Time Medical, we provide disabled mobility devices of every category and type. You can find the full slate of popular choices here, from wheelchairs and lift chairs to canes, walkers, commodes and even mobility scooters. We even carry a full line of bariatric products, which allow you full mobility as you go about pursuing your favorite daily activities.

It is a revolutionary approach, and one that has won All Time Medical countless repeat customers throughout the nation. Instead of dealing with retailers and leveraging such charges against our valued customers, we simply order the disabled mobility products from the manufacturers themselves. The savings can be nothing less than spectacular, and the customer service always comes with the sort of full attention you deserve.

If you want to learn more about the many disabled mobility products we carry here, a look through the site, at, should give you a sense of what we offer. If you still have questions about features, colors, or just about anything else, we always make ourselves available for your convenience. Just drop us a line at detailing your disabled mobility needs and concerns. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Equipment for the Disabled

Equipment for the Disabled

If you are looking for the finest lifestyle mobility or disabled equipment on the Web, you have found the only resource you will ever need. With hundreds of products in countless categories, All Time Medical makes it easy to find exactly what you're looking for. No matter the nature of the disability at hand, we take pride in offering substantive solutions that bear the mark of truly reputable names.

We have it all here, from wheelchairs and bathroom bars to bariatric equipment, lift chairs and more. You can even get commodes, foot stools, mobility scooters and other types of disabled equipment. There is no site that offers comparable service, and we always go out of our way to give you every possible convenience as you conduct your shopping and research.

Our business model is based on drop shipping, meaning we have already negotiated on your behalf for the very best prices directly from the manufacturers. It is a model that has grown increasingly popular in recent years--cutting out all the middlemen is a simple way to earn back tremendous savings without sacrificing the quality of these essential products.

Americans are living longer and remaining more active despite nature's best efforts to cripple our activities. If you are looking for the kind of disabled equipment that really does the job for months and years at a clip, we urge you to browse our full online catalog today. Visit us at As always, do not hesitate to contact the pros by clicking our contact button or emailing us at We are always happy to assist you in your search for reliable, affordable disabled equipment.



While many people feel comfortable relying on the assistance of others when undertaking various activities, most individuals prefer privacy when using the restroom. Commodes are some of the most commonly purchased medical equipment devices because they provide added security in the bathroom for those individuals who have a difficult time standing up and sitting down. That said, some commodes are far superior in terms of design and effectiveness.

The best commodes tend to be those that facilitate easy lateral transfer without a lot of weight or bulky parts to get in the way. Here at All Time Medical, we offer some of the finest of the breed: padded commodes with skid-free rubber tips, armrests, backrests and more. Many even come with removable buckets so that they may be used in tandem with a toilet or as freestanding devices all their own.

Commodes such as these come highly recommended by experts in the field, and with good reason. These types of safety devices help you avoid one of the major hazards of walking difficulty--transferring your weight from a certain height to one that is far lower. Because these clever products offer elevation, padding, steel frames and superior comfort, you will be guaranteed safety and usability all in one product.

We offer lower prices than just about any retailer on the Web, so feel free to look around the site if you want to familiarize yourself with a higher breed of customer service. All of our bathroom products come bearing the mark of major manufacturers whose commitment to safety and quality is well established. , Visit us at If you want to get in touch to learn about commodes or any of our other lifestyle mobility aids, please contact us at or click our contact button.

Commode Chair

Commode Chair

Bathrooms can be dangerous places, particularly when you factor in the varying heights of the room's components. Anyone who uses a wheelchair knows that the real hazard in getting around comes from the transitional moments when you must move from one perch to another. Traditional toilet seats can pose a particular problem in this regard, as they are often slippery, unstable and difficult to reach.

Enter the commode chair, one of the most ingenious disability devices currently in use. One part safety seat and another part toilet, these clever hybrid chairs offer extra security and stability for those who may experience difficulty using traditional toilets. These days they are among the most highly recommended devices by doctors, insurers and specialists alike.

We offer all the best brands of commode chair here at All Time Medical, including varieties with detachable buckets, rolling castors and more. You can get finely manufactured tempered steel support and the kind of easy-cleaning plastic removable parts that make commode chair maintenance a breeze. Best of all, the entire package comes to you at a price that significantly undercuts what you might pay for retail.

Ours is a revolutionary approach to purchasing medical equipment, and one which has earned All Time Medical fans throughout the medical equipment provider establishment. Instead of shopping at a crowded retail outlet, you can work with a vetted resource such as this one and save hundreds on the markup of your desired commode chair. If you want to learn more or order a product today, simply contact us anytime by clicking on our contact button or sending an email to, or visit us at We will help you select and purchase the commode chair that best suits your mobility needs.

Bathtub Safety Products

Bathtub Safety Products

If you are looking for the kind of bathtub safety products that ensure you never have to worry about slipping, you have come to the right place. Here at All Time Medical, we offer nothing less than the finest of these items on the Web--each from manufacturers whose good names and solid reputations have earned them a place at the top of a competitive field. Simply put, there is no more comprehensive resource online for bathtub safety products.

We offer the full line of modern devices, from bath stools and bath benches to grip bars and more. You can even get a full rolling commode that doubles as a bathing platform, the better to eliminate the kind of dangerous full-body lateral transitions that can easily result in injury. No matter what color, style or design of bathtub safety products you prefer, you will be able to find a match here.

We take pride in an approach that puts our customers first, and that means everything from pricing to shipping is conducted with the utmost care. You will find more affordable items here for the simple reason that we are a direct drop-shipping company, meaning we negotiate on your behalf with the manufacturers themselves. With fewer middlemen and slashed overhead, you get these essential items at the kind of prices everyone prefers. You will therefore find very reasonable pricing for bathtub safety products.

We have developed a sterling reputation for quality and service, so please do not hesitate to get in touch if you want to learn more. The bathtub safety products you see on this site represent some of the very latest thinking in medical technology, and we stand by each with one of the Web's best guarantees. Still have questions? Visit us at Write us at, anytime--we are more than happy to address all your concerns regarding our top-of-the-line bathtub safety products.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Bathtub Mats

Bathtub Mats

There's a good reason so many experts in the field of medical equipment recommend starting to institute bathroom safety with bathtub mats. Anyone who has ever experienced a slip inside the bathtub can tell you that this is a hazardous environment under the best of conditions. Add in soapy waters, impaired vision and all the chaos of bathing and you have a true recipe for disaster.

The good news is that this is a situation with an easy remedy. The non-stick bathtub mats, vinyl bathtub mats, anti-slip bathtub mats, and rubber bathtub mats we sell here at All Time Medical can act as a reliable bulwark against slippage of any sort. With adhesive backing, rubberized surfaces and the kind of water-resistance you need in a long-term bath product, these mats are made to help you every single day of your life.

Of course if you care considerably about bathroom accidents of any sort, you may want to invest in the full suite of related products. Many of these, such as grip bars and bathtub transfer benches, help you to stabilize in the environment, and we even offer full shower chairs. Comprehensive approaches such as these have been proven to sharply reduce the incidence of accidents, so looking through them all may be a wise investment of time.

We offer some of the finest prices on the Web for bathtub mats, vinyl bathtub mats, anti-slip bathtub mats, rubber bathtub mats and related products. Because our business is founded on the principle of streamlined efficiency and superlative customer care, you will always get the best prices and fastest shipping through this site. If you want to learn more about our bathtub mats and other bathroom safety products, please contact us anytime via email at, or visit us at We are ready and willing to answer any questions you might have.

Bath Stools

Bath Stools

There is a reason so many doctors recommend investing in bath stools for your home. Bathrooms are notoriously hazardous areas, fraught with dangerous items such as slick tile, hard surfaces and freely running water. It is no coincidence that these factors conspire to bring about the nation's highest concentration of home-related injuries.

The good news is that today's disability products have worked wonders to reduce the incidence of calamity in the home. Today you can find everything from elevated commodes and grip bars to the kind of in-shower devices that make everyone feel a little safer. Bath stools are perhaps the finest example of the breed.

The reasoning behind these devices is simple. When you are seated, you have a far less likely chance of slipping and suffering a head injury or other serious blow. The bath stools we sell here at All Time Medical come with all the features industry experts recommend, from non-stick surfaces to sturdy bases that will not slide in the presence of soapy water.

It is a small addition that can have truly extraordinary consequences. If you are looking for disability devices for use in the bathroom, you will not find a more comprehensive resource anywhere on the Web. Please do not hesitate to contact the courteous professionals here at if you have any questions about our bath stools or other disability products, or visit us at We are more than happy to assist you with all your bath stool and disability equipment needs.

Bath Seats

Bath Seats

The best bath seats are the ones that do not inhibit any of your normal activities as they are making your bathroom a safer place. The truth about many bathrooms is that the fixtures tend to be designed for agile young people whose legs never pose a problem as they jump in and out of the tub. Anyone who spends time using a mobility aid such as a wheelchair or walker knows that contorting into this position in order to take a bath can be a hazardous affair.

The good news is that today's bath seats are as handsome as they are safe. Many of them come with fine coatings and exquisite stability to support hundreds of pounds without difficulty. They can be easily calibrated to fit any bath tub, and many even come in a choice of color. Best of all, they provide a means of finding a comfortable bathing position without the dangerous process of balancing on slippery surfaces.

Here at All Time Medical, we believe that your comfort and agency are the highest priorities of an active lifestyle. To this end, we work only with vetted manufacturers whose safety records and design skills are considered beyond reproach. The low prices you see are the result of exclusive negotiations that bypass bath seat retailers and earn better prices for our customers.

It is a popular approach, and one which continues to attract growing attention from doctors and the people they treat. If you are looking for a direct line to the professionals who make these reputable bath seats, you have come to the right place. We can outfit you with the appropriate bath seat in a matter of days, so do not hesitate to contact us anytime at, or visit us at

Bathroom Safety Rails

Bathroom Safety Rails

Bathroom safety rails are absolutely essential if you are to protect yourself against accidents in the home. It has been well documented that the vast majority of such falls take place in the bathroom, and with good reason. Only here do you get slippery surfaces, running water and constant changes of balance, all in the same unforgiving area.

We have a number of outstanding solutions here at All Time Medical. From elevated commodes and commode chairs to toilet seats, hand grips, bathtub mats and more, you will not find a more complete inventory of all things related to washroom safety. Some of the most popular products nowadays are bathroom safety rails, a simple bulwark against slipping and standing without proper support.

What makes a good bathroom safety rail? You want to look for padded grips, non-stick surfacing, sturdy mounting brackets and hardy materials that can withstand the temperature changes and steam of a bathroom environment. Good construction can preserve the device for years to come, offering you stability whenever you need it.

There is a reason so many public bathrooms offer these rails, and it can be measured in the sharply reduced number of accidents they precipitate. From help with sitting and standing to a much-needed grip in case of slippage, bathroom safety rails have become required fare for anyone touched by decreased balance or mobility. Please do not hesitate to contact the courteous professionals here at if you have questions about bathroom safety rails, or visit us at We are more than happy to assist you with all your mobility and safety needs.

Bathroom Safety Products

Bathroom Safety Products

Not all bathroom safety products are created equal. The worst of the breed tend to be poorly made and prone to unexpected movement--not exactly what you need in a sturdy safety device. The finest of these products, however, can help you have a safer experience at the toilet, in the shower, and everywhere the requirements of hygiene may take you.

We have all the most popular bathroom safety products here at All Time Medical, from safety bars and elevated commode chairs to shower benches and more. If there is any danger of falling due to poor balance or slippage, chances are we have something to set your mind at ease. Of course, it is the construction of these bathroom safety products that really distinguishes them from the pack.

Tempered steel, rubber tips, sturdy architecture and more are all built to withstand heavy abuse without endangering you in the slightest. These are the genuine article from the manufacturers whose names are best known in the industry. When you shop for bathroom safety products at All Time Medical, we get you lower prices on the names you trust, all thanks to our streamlined distribution system.

If you're in the market for a far safer bathroom, do not hesitate to look through the catalog of essential products today. We offer several choices for customization and style, so be sure to check out the related links if you want to be absolutely confident in your purchase. And as always, you can feel free to contact us anytime at, and visit us at We are ready and willing to assist your with your search for top quality and affordable bathroom safety products.

Bathroom Safety Bars

Bathroom Safety Bars

Bathroom safety bars are in widespread use because they work. Countless studies have shown these simple devices can reduce the incidence of bathroom accidents by more than half, and today most handicap stalls in public bathrooms offer the bars as a de facto safety device. Here at All Time Medical, you will not find a more comprehensive catalog of bathroom safety bars.

What distinguishes one of these simple products from another? The short answer is materials technology. Some bathroom safety bars are made with flimsy mounting brackets and the kind of hollow construction that can easily bend, dent or warp with time. Needless to say, this is hardly an area where you want to skimp on the quality of the design.

We take a different approach here at All Time Medical. Our business is founded on the principles of quality and affordability, and that means we go out of our way to review each manufacturer for safety and integrity before offering any of its products to the customer. These are reputable brands that come with all the features you might wish for, including rock-solid construction, tempered steel and the kind of mounting devices that ensure even a falling person who is heavyset will not compromise that bond.

Perhaps the best part about these bathroom safety bars is their price. We believe that direct medical distribution is a far more intelligent model for the consumer looking for durable medical equipment. If you agree and want to get started today, please do not hesitate to contact the experts with any questions at, or visit us at We are ready and willing to assist you with your purchase of top quality bathroom safety bars.

Bathroom Grab Bars

Bathroom Grab Bars

Bathroom grab bars are simply essential if you are to create a home environment as safe as it is liberating. Many people who experience limited mobility suffer devastating accidents in the bathroom, and many of these are avoidable with a few simple products. Bathroom grab bars have been known for decades as some of the most secure and well-designed medical products on the planet.

How do they work? If you have ever visited a handicapped stall in a public restroom, you have likely seen these bars in action. The idea is that they offer something to hold onto as you transition from the wheelchair to the toilet and back again. Even if you are generally mobile, these bars can provide much-needed stability.

We offer all the top varieties here, from simple straight-line designs to the kind of wraparound security devices that provide an unsurpassed envelope of safety. Many of our bathroom grab bars are coated for a softer feel, and all of them can withstand tremendous forces that might rip lesser devices off the wall. These are bathroom grab bars you can always count on.

Here at All Time Medical, we believe customer service is the most important part of what we do. If you have questions or simply want to confer with an expert, feel free to contact us via email at, or visit us at We look forward to helping you regain the active lifestyle you have been missing.

Bath Mat

Bath Mat

It is no secret by now that bathrooms tend to play host to some of the worst home accidents medical practitioners see, particularly among the elderly. The bath tub itself is often the biggest culprit, designed as it is to provide a slick surface that promotes easy drainage. When unsteady legs must balance against all that friction-free coating, falls are a common occurrence.

The key is to find a bath mat that protects you against slipping without impeding the shower as a functional device. You want low-profile pieces that do not get in the way of water's natural tendency to run toward the drain, and you also want to ensure the materials themselves are highly resistant to mold and mildew. The good news is that you have come to the right place for vinyl bath tub mats, anti-slip bath tub mats, or rubber bath tub mats.

Here at All Time Medical, we offer some of the highest quality bath safety products you will find anywhere on the Web. These are substantial safety devices for the bathroom and the house as a whole, all from reputable manufacturers who put your safety above everything else. No matter what shape or color you desire, you should be able to find your bath mat, shower stool, or commode here.

Please feel free to look around the site if you want to get a sense of the full range of bathroom products we offer here. From bath mats to grip bars, shower benches and more, there is simply no more comprehensive resource for the products you need. As always, you may contact our courteous professionals anytime by sending an email to or clicking on our contact button if you want to learn more.

Visit us at

We are more than happy to answer all of your bath mat and mobility aid questions.

Bath Benches

Bath Benches

There was a time when bath benches mostly consisted of converted exercise benches whose water resistance was dubious at best. Today, durable medical equipment manufacturers have developed a new generation of bath benches and bath transfer benches that are as safe as they are mold- and mildew-resistant, offering powerful protection against slips, allergens and more. Here at All Time Medical, you can find the best prices on all the top brands.

Why invest in bath benches and bath transfer benches for your home? The simple reason is that bathroom accidents are by far the biggest source of serious injury among senior citizens, and nowhere is this more apparent than in the slippery confines of your shower or bath. Standing on a smooth surface under soapy water is simply a calamity waiting to happen, which is why today so many medical professionals recommend a bath bench and a seated position.

Here at All Time Medical, we carry all the top brands in this essential field. Whether you want a simple chair or a more substantial item, you can get exactly what you need from us. We even offer a choice of colors and materials to suit whatever decor you are hoping to match.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at, or visit us at, if you want to learn more about the full variety of bath benches, lifestyle mobility aids and other medical devices we carry here. Customer service is the cornerstone of this business, and we go out of our way to make your shopping experience as painless as possible. Those extraordinarily low prices are just one of the many benefits of doing your buying here at All Time Medical.

Bariatric Products

Bariatric Products

Bariatric products have come a long way since the days when converted wheelchairs were the best durable medical equipment manufacturers had to offer. Today you can get the full range of such bariatric products, from quad-canes to wide walkers, over the Web without a lot of hassle. The trick is knowing where to begin your search--and most critically, whom to trust.

You have come to the right place. All Time Medical is a business founded on the principles of convenience and integrity, and we go out of our way to provide each customer with a sterling standard of care. Bariatric products such as these must be well-made and manufactured to exacting specifications, as the last thing you want is for the structural integrity of any device to be called into question. We do all the research in this regard to ensure you get nothing but truly safe and reliable bariatric products.

It works. Countless customers have told us they never expected bariatric products to be so inexpensive or easy to find. Here at All Time Medical, take pride in our fluid and intuitive interface--one of the many small touches that make shopping here a pleasure. Another, of course, is the extraordinarily low pricing you will find throughout the site.

Please feel free to look around if you want to learn more about the many bariatric products we offer here every day. You can contact us any time with questions by clicking on our contact button or sending an email to and expect a response very shortly. Your safety, comfort and budget are our top priorities, so please do not hesitate to ask if you have any concerns whatsoever.

Bariatric Medical Equipment

Bariatric Medical Equipment

Bariatric medical equipment must handle a different breed of stresses, and that means you need to invest in quality design. The cheapest of these entries do little more than support you, and many of these are prone to the sort of wear that can quickly precipitate a dangerous situation. Thankfully, the names we carry here at All Time Medical represent some of the highest standards in the field of bariatric medical equipment.

Why go with this sort of superior bariatric medical equipment? The short answer is that devices such as these tend to travel with you throughout life, and the last thing you want is to skimp on quality when it comes to materials and design. Whether you are looking for patient lifts, lift chairs or mobility devices, it is important that you are both comfortable and mobile throughout the day.

Here at All Time Medical, we believe your needs surpass anything the manufacturers request of us. We work tirelessly as your advocate to nail down the absolute lowest prices on all such bariatric medical equipment, from walkers and bathtub transfer benches to grip bars, patient lifts and more. You can even customize several of the items to include the kind of color and upholstery you most desire in a life companion.

This is a place where experts commiserate and answer your questions daily. If you want to get some good advice or simply hear a little more about these sturdy bariatric medical devices, please do not hesitate to contact our courteous professionals. We are standing by today at to meet all your bariatric medical equipment needs.

Bariatric Equipment

Bariatric Equipment

Finding good bariatric equipment on the Web shouldn't have to be so difficult. These days, an increasing number of manufacturers of durable medical equipment are creating solid, sturdy and utterly reliable products for patients whose BMI exceeds the national standard for obesity. Fortunately, acquiring top quality bariatric equipment at great prices just got a whole lot easier.

Here at All Time Medical, we believe all medical equipment should come with the same kind of attentive service and comprehensive customer care you have come to expect from your medical provider. Too often, the doctors leave you on your own to make such purchases, abandoning you to an ever-widening spiral of research with no end in sight. Thankfully, you have found the only site you'll ever need when it comes to locating the finest bariatric equipment available.

We offer the full slate of bariatric equipment, from lifestyle mobility aids such as scooters and wheelchairs to lifts, lifting chairs and more. Whatever you need, rest assured that we have negotiated on your behalf with the manufacturer to secure a price you can feel good about. In addition, we are always careful to work only with those companies whose safety records remain at the very top of the industry.

Smart shopping for your mobility means you stick with vendors who truly understand the mobility equipment business. All Time Medical takes pride in an approach that ensures every question is answered and all the shipping goes smoothly. If you want to enjoy a higher standard of care, please contact us today at We are ready and willing to assist you with all your bariatric equipment needs.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Drive Medical Phantom Compact 3 Wheel Scooter

The Drive Medical Phantom Compact 3 Wheel Scooter is designed for indoor and outdoor use. It is easy to use and assemble. It features a headlight and "finger pull" throttle, as well as anti tippers and a carry basket.

Its 3 wheel design allows for a small, 32.3” turning radius. It has flip back, adjustable width arms and a comfortable, height adjustable seat. It's top speed is 4 mph, with a cruising range of up to 15 miles.

There is a lifetime warranty on the chair frame, a six month warranty on the battery, a two year limited warranty on the electronic controller and a one year limited warranty on the drive train components.

Available in your choice of red or blue.

Drive Medical GEO Powered Wheelchair

You can still move around, even if your electric wheelchair loses power.

The Drive GEO power wheelchair is our most affordable electric wheelchair. This wheelchair is designed for indoor and outdoor use. It also features a "free wheel" mode in which the chair can be moved manually.

The Drive GEO motorized wheelchair comes with an adjustable height footplate, anti-tippes and comfortable height adjustable seat with flip back arms. It also has a convenient built-in timer that shuts down the chair if it has not been used for 30 minutes, saving battery power for when you are ready to go. It can hold 250 pounds.

Batteries and charger included. Available in your choice of blue or red.

Mobility Aids

Moving Around

There is no need to be left out anymore. You can take part in any social event or other occasion, even if you are injured or elderly. Nowadays, there are so many devices and systems available for any situation. Limited mobility is simply not necessary these days. Now they have something called “mobility aids.” These are brilliantly designed aids and devices, like wheelchairs, scooters, grab bars for bathrooms, bath benches, rollators and rolling walkers, electric wheelchairs, and on and on.

You can be up and about in no time, without having to rely on anyone else. You can have a normal, active, mobile lifestyle. That’s what All Time Medical is all about.

All Time Medical has all these products, but only those of the most reputable and safe companies, from top-of-the-line sources yet with the best prices, shipped directly to you from the manufacturer. You will not find better options anywhere online.

Top-of-the-line is, of course, the choice you want to make, because safety, your health, and indeed your very life, are in the hands of your medical equipment. Saving your health is by far the most important thing.

All Time Medical offers affordable, reasonable prices, fast shipping, and the finest customer service support you can find anywhere. Our concern is your safety.

To learn more about our services, such as mobility aids for a richer lifestyle, or about mobility aids for the elderly, please contact us at We look forward to assisting you with your purchase or answering any questions you might have.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Invacare Fold 'N Away Transport Chair

Our most popular Traveling Wheelchair

The Invacare Fold 'N Away Transport Chair folds down to a compact 40"H x 15 1/2"W x 8 1/2"D thus making it an ideal wheelchair for travel. The chair can be assembled in seconds without tools.

Its contruction is a heavy duty steel frame with durable navy blue canvas material and non marking black tires. The Invacare Fold 'N Away Transport Chair is convenient, compact easily portable, and very lightweight at 19.6 pounds.

This chair features pressure relief heel strap supports, EZ lock pushdown brakes and foldaway footrests. It includes a storage carry bag with strap, making it an ideal choice for your holiday getaway.

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Wheelchair Shopping A-Z

Shopping for a wheelchair is not as easy as choosing the right dress for your date tonight. People who shop for a wheelchair for the first time are often overwhelmed by the number of choices. When you are not able to get the right wheelchair your disability will seem to get worse instead of better. Keep in mind that every wheelchair user will have different needs. If you are unsure which wheelchair to buy you can consult your doctor or therapist for advice.

Factors that you have to consider in choosing the right wheelchair includes your age, body type, gender, and type of disability. If speed is important for you, you may prefer an electric wheelchair over a manual chair. Wheelchair tires should also be chosen based on your driving conditions. The price that you pay for your wheelchair will depend on the cost of the chair itself, the cost of addition features, and cost of wheelchair accessories, cost of training on how to use the wheelchair, replacement parts, maintenance costs and future wheelchair upgrades among others.

Remember that you would perhaps use your chair for a long time. Thus, as expensive as they may seem, comfort is still the most important factor in buying a wheelchair for an uncomfortable wheelchair is the same as being uneasy in your own skin.

Buying a used wheelchair is not always a good idea. There is nothing to ensure you that the used wheelchair will fit your needs. Since wheelchairs are individually customized medical devices they are generally not meant for resale. Thus, choosing the right wheelchair requires the collective input of a doctor, therapist and you to make sure that the right wheelchair is matched to you.

Nevertheless, with the increasing cost of health care it is understandable if people look for alternatives like buying used wheelchairs or scooters. Just remember though that if you decide to buy a used wheelchair, make sure that your size and weight is within the capacity of the used chair. Remember also that second hand wheelchairs don’t have transferable warranties. This means that even if the warranty is still valid, if its ownership is transferred then the warranty would no longer be enforceable. So decide wisely when shopping for a used wheelchair.

To make sure that you are buying the right used wheelchair you can check on ads on the bulletin boards, websites and newsletters at your local rehabilitation hospital, independent living center or local disability organization. Do not rush into buying the first wheelchair that you see. Most importantly, do not buy a wheelchair simply because you like its style or color.

Wheelchairs Come In Many Styles

A wheelchair ramp may be used for electric wheelchairs; just be sure to get one that accommodates the width of your chair. When you use public transportation, as well as when you drive your own car, the chair will have to be secured while traveling. When children are severely injured they might face critical, debilitating accidents that impair their mobility. Wheelchairs offer mobility in a light package and now, they can be electric for increased mobility. Information about used electric wheelchairs can be found online or on a bulletin board in your physicians office. When you choose not to use the chair for an extended period of time, make sure the maintenance is still kept up on it.

When you see an able-bodied individual walking down the street you notice various things, but they will notice you in an electric wheelchair too. Electric wheelchairs are here to allow people to freely roam the streets and visit all of their favorite places without any complications. A variety of electric wheelchairs used and old may be purchased at most wheelchairs stores and on ebay for a affordable price. Information about used electric wheelchairs can be posted online, along with the general information about the chair.

When individuals are negotiating lifts and doorways for new environments, wheelchairs are an important consideration. Important factors to keep in mind while choosing an electric wheelchair; is the range of movement ability of the user. When you need a tour of a facility, be sure you advise them of your electric wheelchair status to ensure the area is accessible. When selecting wheelchairs people may choose from a variety of available options and features in this day and age. Wheelchairs offer a chair bound individual a freedom that was never within their reach before. Electric wheelchairs can be folded, this makes them easier to store in your automobile and in your home.

A wheelchair is a wheeled mobility device in which the user sits in and places his or her feet on two small folded down foot rest; this device allows them to move around freely. When people are eager to explore more energy-efficient modes of transportation, electric wheelchairs are in that category for physically challenged. Fortunately, electric wheelchairs are maneuvered by a joystick; this makes it easier for those who are lacking strong upper body strength. Important factors to consider when choosing a wheelchair is the type of terrain and the general weather it can hold up in. Wheelchairs allow the users to lead an independent and confident life as they are able to continue getting around in public again.