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While many people feel comfortable relying on the assistance of others when undertaking various activities, most individuals prefer privacy when using the restroom. Commodes are some of the most commonly purchased medical equipment devices because they provide added security in the bathroom for those individuals who have a difficult time standing up and sitting down. That said, some commodes are far superior in terms of design and effectiveness.

The best commodes tend to be those that facilitate easy lateral transfer without a lot of weight or bulky parts to get in the way. Here at All Time Medical, we offer some of the finest of the breed: padded commodes with skid-free rubber tips, armrests, backrests and more. Many even come with removable buckets so that they may be used in tandem with a toilet or as freestanding devices all their own.

Commodes such as these come highly recommended by experts in the field, and with good reason. These types of safety devices help you avoid one of the major hazards of walking difficulty--transferring your weight from a certain height to one that is far lower. Because these clever products offer elevation, padding, steel frames and superior comfort, you will be guaranteed safety and usability all in one product.

We offer lower prices than just about any retailer on the Web, so feel free to look around the site if you want to familiarize yourself with a higher breed of customer service. All of our bathroom products come bearing the mark of major manufacturers whose commitment to safety and quality is well established. , Visit us at If you want to get in touch to learn about commodes or any of our other lifestyle mobility aids, please contact us at or click our contact button.

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