Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Commode Chair

Commode Chair

Bathrooms can be dangerous places, particularly when you factor in the varying heights of the room's components. Anyone who uses a wheelchair knows that the real hazard in getting around comes from the transitional moments when you must move from one perch to another. Traditional toilet seats can pose a particular problem in this regard, as they are often slippery, unstable and difficult to reach.

Enter the commode chair, one of the most ingenious disability devices currently in use. One part safety seat and another part toilet, these clever hybrid chairs offer extra security and stability for those who may experience difficulty using traditional toilets. These days they are among the most highly recommended devices by doctors, insurers and specialists alike.

We offer all the best brands of commode chair here at All Time Medical, including varieties with detachable buckets, rolling castors and more. You can get finely manufactured tempered steel support and the kind of easy-cleaning plastic removable parts that make commode chair maintenance a breeze. Best of all, the entire package comes to you at a price that significantly undercuts what you might pay for retail.

Ours is a revolutionary approach to purchasing medical equipment, and one which has earned All Time Medical fans throughout the medical equipment provider establishment. Instead of shopping at a crowded retail outlet, you can work with a vetted resource such as this one and save hundreds on the markup of your desired commode chair. If you want to learn more or order a product today, simply contact us anytime by clicking on our contact button or sending an email to, or visit us at We will help you select and purchase the commode chair that best suits your mobility needs.


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