Friday, October 26, 2007

Shower Chair

Shower Chair

If you are on the Web looking for disability products such as shower chairs, bath chairs, bath stools and more, you have come to the right place. All Time Medical takes pride in an approach that is as comprehensive as it is convenient, offering the very best names in the business for less. It is all part of our commitment to creating an easy place to get your hands on medical products that improve everyday life.

What is a shower chair? These are sophisticated devices that offer you full mobility under running water from a seated position. The best of them look and feel like high-end wheelchairs, complete with footrests, arm rests, coated surfaces and all the padding you could ever desire. They represent something like a complete solution for bathing without any chance of injury.

Products like these and other bathroom safety products need not cost such exorbitant prices anymore. The manufacturers offer them for far less to wholesalers, and today you can benefit from much of the same stripped-down efficiency simply by ordering direct over the Web. At All Time Medical we offer a simple way to do just that without any fear that the quality of the products will be compromised.

Whether you are looking for a basic shower chair or something a little more advanced, you should be able to find some exceptional shower chair examples within these pages. Visit us at and feel free to look around the site if you want to find the Web's finest list of mobility aids across the board. And feel free to drop us a line anytime at if you want your shower chair or mobility aid questions answered quickly.


bath lifts said...

Most bathtub lift models have seats that rise up to or above the tub lip thus making the transfer seamless. This is a huge advantage over a tub bench in that the person must get down to the level of the tub lip to sit down successfully.

Handicap Bathtubs said...

A shower chair allows you to bathe in private even when you temporarily or permanently suffer from limited mobility. It is often foldable and portable, which means it can easily be stored away or brought with you when you travel. Thanks a lot.

mobility aids said...

The product of mobility aid is numerous now in the market. This is to help those seniors and handicapped person to support themselves and do things that they can't do now. One of this mobility aids is the shower chair. This will help them to take a bath without getting hurt.

Wheelchair said...

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Commode Shower Chair

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