Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Bathroom Safety Rails

Bathroom Safety Rails

Bathroom safety rails are absolutely essential if you are to protect yourself against accidents in the home. It has been well documented that the vast majority of such falls take place in the bathroom, and with good reason. Only here do you get slippery surfaces, running water and constant changes of balance, all in the same unforgiving area.

We have a number of outstanding solutions here at All Time Medical. From elevated commodes and commode chairs to toilet seats, hand grips, bathtub mats and more, you will not find a more complete inventory of all things related to washroom safety. Some of the most popular products nowadays are bathroom safety rails, a simple bulwark against slipping and standing without proper support.

What makes a good bathroom safety rail? You want to look for padded grips, non-stick surfacing, sturdy mounting brackets and hardy materials that can withstand the temperature changes and steam of a bathroom environment. Good construction can preserve the device for years to come, offering you stability whenever you need it.

There is a reason so many public bathrooms offer these rails, and it can be measured in the sharply reduced number of accidents they precipitate. From help with sitting and standing to a much-needed grip in case of slippage, bathroom safety rails have become required fare for anyone touched by decreased balance or mobility. Please do not hesitate to contact the courteous professionals here at info@alltimemedical.com if you have questions about bathroom safety rails, or visit us at www.AllTimeMedical.com. We are more than happy to assist you with all your mobility and safety needs.

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