Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Bath Stools

Bath Stools

There is a reason so many doctors recommend investing in bath stools for your home. Bathrooms are notoriously hazardous areas, fraught with dangerous items such as slick tile, hard surfaces and freely running water. It is no coincidence that these factors conspire to bring about the nation's highest concentration of home-related injuries.

The good news is that today's disability products have worked wonders to reduce the incidence of calamity in the home. Today you can find everything from elevated commodes and grip bars to the kind of in-shower devices that make everyone feel a little safer. Bath stools are perhaps the finest example of the breed.

The reasoning behind these devices is simple. When you are seated, you have a far less likely chance of slipping and suffering a head injury or other serious blow. The bath stools we sell here at All Time Medical come with all the features industry experts recommend, from non-stick surfaces to sturdy bases that will not slide in the presence of soapy water.

It is a small addition that can have truly extraordinary consequences. If you are looking for disability devices for use in the bathroom, you will not find a more comprehensive resource anywhere on the Web. Please do not hesitate to contact the courteous professionals here at info@alltimemedical.com if you have any questions about our bath stools or other disability products, or visit us at www.AllTimeMedical.com. We are more than happy to assist you with all your bath stool and disability equipment needs.

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