Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Rolling Walkers

Rolling Walkers

Walkers have evolved considerably since the days of the heavy, unwieldy devices. Vastly improved materials technology has made them lighter, stronger and far more portable than before. And the addition of wheels--brakes included--has made these clever mobility aids, the rolling walker, a sensation in the world of reclaimed medical independence.

At All Time Medical we believe you should have access to such essential items without overpaying for the privilege. We negotiate with medical equipment manufacturers and pass these substantial savings onto you. We only deal with brands that have a reputation for producing quality mobility aids.

Whether you are in the market for medical rolling walkers, wheelchairs, mobility scooters, lift chairs, bathroom assists or practically anything else, we take pride in an approach to pricing that ensures everyone can get around without mortgaging their financial future. We even offer simple accessories such as bath mats and more to make your home a safe haven once again.

www.AllTimeMedical.com was built on the foundations of integrity and convenience, and we always take care to exceed your expectations. Please write us anytime at info@alltimemedical.com if you want to learn more about rolling walkers or any of our top notch equipment.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Wheelchairs Come In Many Styles

A wheelchair ramp may be used for electric wheelchairs; just be sure to get one that accommodates the width of your chair. When you use public transportation, as well as when you drive your own car, the chair will have to be secured while traveling. When children are severely injured they might face critical, debilitating accidents that impair their mobility. Wheelchairs offer mobility in a light package and now, they can be electric for increased mobility. Information about used electric wheelchairs can be found online or on a bulletin board in your physicians office. When you choose not to use the chair for an extended period of time, make sure the maintenance is still kept up on it.

When you see an able-bodied individual walking down the street you notice various things, but they will notice you in an electric wheelchair too. Electric wheelchairs are here to allow people to freely roam the streets and visit all of their favorite places without any complications. A variety of electric wheelchairs used and old may be purchased at most wheelchairs stores and on ebay for a affordable price. Information about used electric wheelchairs can be posted online, along with the general information about the chair.

When individuals are negotiating lifts and doorways for new environments, wheelchairs are an important consideration. Important factors to keep in mind while choosing an electric wheelchair; is the range of movement ability of the user. When you need a tour of a facility, be sure you advise them of your electric wheelchair status to ensure the area is accessible. When selecting wheelchairs people may choose from a variety of available options and features in this day and age. Wheelchairs offer a chair bound individual a freedom that was never within their reach before. Electric wheelchairs can be folded, this makes them easier to store in your automobile and in your home.

A wheelchair is a wheeled mobility device in which the user sits in and places his or her feet on two small folded down foot rest; this device allows them to move around freely. When people are eager to explore more energy-efficient modes of transportation, electric wheelchairs are in that category for physically challenged. Fortunately, electric wheelchairs are maneuvered by a joystick; this makes it easier for those who are lacking strong upper body strength. Important factors to consider when choosing a wheelchair is the type of terrain and the general weather it can hold up in. Wheelchairs allow the users to lead an independent and confident life as they are able to continue getting around in public again.